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JOSERA BullenProfi is a mineral feed with especially high quality for farms with very high demands for their economic indicators.

The use of JOSERA BullenProfi helps you to achieve important indicators such as the highest daily weight gains and excellent carcass quality.

JOSERA BullenProfi offers you a high quality supply of minerals and active ingredients. High quality additives such as live yeast ensure optimum performance and wellbeing of your animals.

Packaging size: 25 kg

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Economic success through:
    • Young, high-quality carcasses
    • Highest weight gains
    • Best feed utilisation
  • Best animal health, because:
    • The rumen pH value remains at a physiological level
    • Hoof health is promoted
    • Bullen-Profi promotes the development of a stable foundation
    • The animals stay calmer thanks to a high quality supply of minerals and active ingredients
  • Ease of application with optimum nutrition
    • Thanks to a clear feeding recommendation (100 for 1,000)
    • Ideal for phase feeding
  • Modern, future-oriented mineral feed concept

For rations in beef fattening with a high proportion of maize silage and grain:

Feeding recommendation:

The need of fattening cattle for mineral feed is largely determined by the rate of daily weight gains.
To calculate the right quantity of mineral feed, use the formula 100 for 1,000. That means 100 g of mineral feed is required for 1,000 g of daily weight gain, 160 g of mineral feed for 1,600 g of daily weight gain.

100 - 150 g JOSERA BullenProfi in pre-fattening
150 - 200 g JOSERA BullenProfi in main and final fattening

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