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JOSERA BumiCal is a mineral feed for beef fattening wihtout phosphorus for a modern, environmentally friendly feeding concept. It contains trace elements, rumen-protected selenium (Selen-Protect®) and B-Vitamins. It can be used as all-in-one mineral feed.

JOSERA BumiCal is used for feed rations for beef fattening with a high share of corn silage and grain rations as well as protein supplement with rape seed extration meal.

Packaging size: 25 kg

Your benefits at a glance:

  • good supply of minerals and vitamins
  • Especially suitable for phosphorus rich feed rations (a.e. rape seed extraction meal)
  • All-in-one mineral feed
  • Needs-based supply for the beef cattle with the 100 for 1000 feeding recommendation.
  • high daily gains
  • healthy and calm animals

JOSERA BumiCal is recommendet with 100 g - 200 g per day and cow. The daily amount depends on the growth level and weight of the animals.


  • Pre fattening 120 to 160 g
  • Intermediate fattening 160 to 200 g
  • End fattening 150 to 120 g

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