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JOSERA Colostrin is a complementary feed containing specific immunoglobulins which strengthen the calf´s body defense right from the start. Due to their targeted cultivation, antibodies out of whole egg powder are highly effective against pathogens causing typical newborn diseases. Adding Colostrin to the milk upgrades calfs resistance particularly in times of insufficient colostrum quality. At the same time, JOSERA Colostrin covers the high requirement for vitamins and trace elements needed in the first few days of life and provides quickly available energy.

Packaging size: 1 kg, 5 kg

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Immune booster for immune rich milk or colostrum supplementation
  • Vitamins and trace elements
  • Quick Energy supply
  • Probiotics

1st feeding:
Add 100 g JOSERA colostrin (1 portion bag) into the first colostrum. Administer supplemented colostrum immediately (max. 2 hours) after birth to the calf.

2nd feeding:
Around the 3rd day, stir 100 g of JOSERA colostrin into the whole milk or milk replacer. If diarrhea occurs regularly at the same time, we recommend to administer Colostrin about 1 day before the onset diarrhea.

3rd feeding:
If diarrhea occurs persistently, we recommend to stir in a 3rd dose in the whole milk or calf drinker after a further 2 days.

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