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Ketosis are one of the most common metabolic diseases of today’s high performance cows and can lead to considerable economic losses. Financial damage due to ketosis is caused, among other things, by reduced feed intake, increased susceptibility to udder and claw diseases, poorer fertility, reduced milk yield, and a higher culling rate.

DairySafe contains the innovative active agent package, LSP. A specific combination of rumen-protected active agents support the liver‘s functions. The excess fat can be removed or be metabolised better by the body.

As a result DairySafe leads to:

  • lower susceptibility to disease
  • better fertility
  • higher feed intake for high performance
  • lower culling rate

Packaging size: 25 kg

Your benefits at a glance:

  • more efficient liver
  • higher milk yield
  • higher profit through healthy animals

JOSERA recommendation:

a) 200 g/cow/day from 3 weeks pre-calving to 5 weeks post-calving

b) 100–200 g/cow/day in later lactation to support high milk

Consulting a nutrition specialist prior to feeding is recommended.
DairySafe can be used for ketosis damage recuperation.

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