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JOSERA FeedMix - Keragen Longlife is an innovative all-in-one mineral feed for the TMR. It helps you achieve ambitious operating targets thanks to the best possible supply of minerals and active ingredients. JOSERA FeedMix - Keragen Longlife contains all required mineral feed components (calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride and mineral feed) as a balanced, high quality total package. This makes work significantly easier for you and permits accurate dosage for product application.

JOSERA FeedMix - Keragen Longlife is suitable for farms with a high to very high herd performance. Here the product helps to improve claw and udder health and contributes to stabilising the metabolism with the high quality Keragen Longlife package. Healthier animals mean more saleable milk and improved lifetime performance.

Packaging size: 25 kg

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Good fertility and more lactations thanks to best nutrition, even with the highest performance
  • More saleable milk thanks to high-performance cows with healthy hooves and udders
  • Improved lifetime performance thanks to Keragen®Longlife with B-Protect
  • Greater efficiency and better distribution accuracy since the product already contains sufficient quantities of sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate and salt
  • Reliable nutrition thanks to the concrete JOSERA recommendation of 20 g/kg DM uptake

JOSERA FeedMix - Keragen®Longlife is suitable for mixed rations with a high proportion of feed components high in phosphorous (intensively used grassland, spent grains, mash, grain, soya, canola meal)

Feeding recommendation: 20 g/kg D
30 kg milk (19 kg D): 380 g
35 kg milk (21 kg D): 420 g
40 kg milk (23 kg D): 460 g
45 kg milk (25 kg D): 500 g
50 kg milk (27 kg D): 540 g

JOSERA FeedMix - Keragen®Longlife as an all-in-one mineral feed optimises the mineral and vitamin content of the total mixed ration. No calcium carbonate, salt or sodium bicarbonate has to be added.

Keragen®Longlife is the innovative JOSERA active ingredient formula for the long, healthy and profitable life of cows with:

  • Healthy claws
  • Healthy udder
  • A stable metabolism

Keragen®Longlife offers the following for your dairy cows:

  • Highly available organic trace elements (glycine chelates)
  • Rumen-stable selenium
  • Rumen-stable B vitamins (B-Protect)
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Biotin

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