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JOSERA Hefe-Kräuter-Mineral is a special mineral feed for dairy cows in lactation. With the natural power of yeast and a broad effective spectrum of selected, high quality herbs, JOSERA Hefe-Kräuter-Mineral ensures excellent palatability and improved feed digestibility.

The product’s aromatic flavour increases the feed consumption of your dairy cows. Furthermore, the herbs and yeast ensure better digestibility of the nutrients and regulate digestion (e.g. in case of diarrhoea).

Appetising and digestion promoting components along with high quality minerals distinguish JOSERA Hefe-Kräuter-Mineral. For you that means improved animal performance, better fertility and a stronger defence mechanism.

Packaging size: 25 kg

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Higher milk revenues thanks to the composition of active ingredients, maintaining udder and hoof health
  • High animal vitality by boosting the metabolism and digestion with yeast, herbs and B vitamins
  • Good feed consumption thanks to palatable yeast and aromatic herbs
  • Reliable nutrition thanks to the concrete JOSERA recommendation of 10 g

JOSERA Hefe-Kräuter-Mineral is suitable for rations with a high proportion of feed components that are balanced to high in calcium (maize or grass silage with clover or alfalfa, pressed pulp).

Feeding recommendation: 10 g/kg D

15 kg milk (13 kg D): 130 g
20 kg milk (15 kg D): 150 g
25 kg milk (17 kg D): 170 g
30 kg milk (19 kg D): 190 g
35 kg milk (21 kg D): 210 g

As a performance feed, we recommend an in-house mix with 3 % JOSERA Kraft-Mix.

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