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JOSERA Kälberprofi is a mineral feed that is adapted to the high requirements – especially of calves up to 250 kg live weight. High concentrations of Ca and P as well as trace elements and vitamins, ensure an optimal supply that meets the calves needs for well-growing. The addition of live yeast supports rumen development and promotes the establishment of a healthy rumen microflora. JOSERA Kälberprofi is used in both the farm’s own concentrate mixes and the calf-dry-TMR.

Package size: 25 kg

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Mineral feed for calves
  • High concentration of Ca and P
  • Vitamins
  • Live yeast
  • Herbs

Recommended use in the self-made concentrate mix

The feeding recommendation in rearing and fattening up to 250 kg depends on the daily gains.

We recommend to use 100 g JOSERA Kälberprofi per 1,000 g daily weight gain.

Proportion of own mixture
Calf rearing
Up to 3 months4%
Up to 9 months5%
Feeder rearing
Barn phase6%
Growth phase6%

Recommended use in calf-dry-TMR

In a calf-dry-TMR, JOSERA Kälberprofi can be added as the only mineral feed component or as a mineral supplement if lower proportions (
We recommend a proportion of 3 % Kälberprofi in the calf-dry-TMR.

Examples of a composition of a calf dry TMR with JOSERA Kälberprofi:
ProductUnitTMR with strawTMR with hay
Barley Straw%12121212--
Winter Barley%222222221515
Grain maize%262830322532
Soya extraction meal 44% XP%-71421-20
Crude protein (XP)%16,016,016,016,016,416,0
Energy, MEMJ10,210,310,310,410,110,3

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