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JOSERA Kombi Spezial is a high quality basic mineral feed to supplement forage and mixed rations that are high in calcium, or rations supplemented with calcium carbonate. JOSERA Kombi Spezial is particularly well suited for TMR feeding farms that realise the performance potential of their dairy cows with physiologically balanced, high quality rations.

JOSERA Kombi Spezial provides your animals with important B and E vitamins, thereby making a crucial contribution to their health and robustness. That means more milk production for you, and therefore higher milk revenues.

Packaging size: 25 kg

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Higher milk revenues thanks to the composition of active ingredients, maintaining udder and hoof health
  • Good fertility thanks to the best nutrition with high performance
  • Reliable nutrition thanks to the concrete JOSERA recommendation of 10 g/kg DM uptake

JOSERA Kombi Spezial is suitable for rations with a high proportion of calcium-rich feed components (clover, alfalfa, pressed pulp, extensive grassland) and especially to prepare for birth.

In mixed rations, Kombi Spezial usually requires additional supplementation with calcium carbonate, salt and sodium bicarbonate. Alternatively a suitable all-in-one mineral feed (Miramin, TMR 3in1, FeedMix) can be used instead.

Feeding recommendation: 10 g/kg D

15 kg milk (13 kg D): 130 g
20 kg milk (15 kg D): 150 g
25 kg milk (17 kg D): 170 g
30 kg milk (19 kg D): 190 g
35 kg milk (21 kg D): 210 g
40 kg milk (23 kg D): 230 g

As a performance feed, we recommend an in-house mix with 3 % JOSERA Kraft-Mix.

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