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JOSERA Kraft-Mix is our specialist for the production of in-house concentrated dairy feed. Kraft-Mix enables the purposeful use of your own feed and therefore adds significant value for your operation.

Your own concentrated feed mixes with JOSERA Kraft-Mix are not just highly palatable and effective. With an especially high sodium bicarbonate content, they also offer effective protection against rumen hyperacidity and, thanks to fortification with high quality active ingredients, ensure the consistently health and stable performance of your dairy cows.

Packaging size: 25 kg

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Ensures good performance since rumen hyperacidity and other metabolic disturbances are prevented with plenty of sodium bicarbonate
  • Provides full nutrition to the peak of performance since every kilogram of concentrated feed automatically complements the right quantity of mineral feed
  • Brings the Ca:P ratio of performance feed into the physiological range, ensuring high performance and good health
  • Supports more added value since in-house feeds can be used purposefully

You mix the best performance feed yourself with your own grain. An adequate supply of mineral feed requires the balanced basic ration to be supplemented with a suitable basic mineral feed (e.g. JOSERA Miramin).

Additional performance requires a balanced performance feed with an especially adapted mineral feed.

JOSERA Kraft-Mix meets precisely these requirements and is used in your own mix at 3%.

Kraft-Mix%33 3 3 3
Corn % 30
Peas %25
Canola meal%10
Soya grist (44)%2324152315
Crude protein%18,918,618,618,518,9
Energy NELMJ7,157,187,047,057,18

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