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The basis for good fertility of your dairy cows is established during calving time. In this period, a negative energy balance leads to the mobilisation of body fat and poor feed uptake. This causes decreased performance, cysts, repeated breeding and poor fertilisation results.

JOSERA LactoStart prevents exactly these things.
It provides highly available energy sources, plenty of niacin and B vitamins for high metabolic efficiency and high quality, rumen-protected protein. This improves both the overall nutrition of your cows in the calving and reproduction cycle, and their performance and health.

It also establishes the conditions for good fertility since it eliminates the dangerous supply bottleneck in the calving phase, provides relief for the liver and boosts the metabolism.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Problem-free start to lactation thanks to good condition and excellent appetite
  • Improved fertility with a clearer heat
  • Fewer repeat breedings and a reduced incidence of cysts thanks to a robust energy metabolism
  • Longer useful life thanks to a healthy liver
  • Reduced costs and effort for the treatment of ketosis and metabolic disturbances

JOSERA LactoStart is designed as a feed supplement for dairy cows:

a) Preparation feeding: 600g
b) Post-birth phase: 600 - 1000g depending on the risk of ketosis
c) Peak lactation to support the metabolism and ensure high performance: 600 - 1000g

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