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JOSERA Milk&Fat is a high-quality milk replacer for growing calves. The composition of the protein from 50% skim milk and whey powder is easily digestible for the calf and offers a high level of safety. Thanks to the high fat content in JOSERA Milk&Fat, the animal is given a lot of energy for optimal growth and a resilient immune system. High-quality milk raw materials guarantee very good solubility and a high rate of acceptance. In general, we recommend JOSERA Milk&Fat as a calf drink in the first feeding phase (up to 4 weeks) as well as a single-phase drinker for intensive calf rearing. JOSERA Milk&Fat is suitable for the 40FIT feeding concept from Förster Technik and the ad libitum drinker.

Packaging size: 25 kg

Your benefits at a glance:

  • 50% skim milk powder
  • High energy content
  • Highly digestible whey protein
  • Exclusively milk protein
  • Also suitable for sheep lambs

150 g/L water = 130 g/L drink

For sheep lambs: 180-200 g/l water = 160-180 g/l drink

Creating the calf drink in the bucket/milk taxi

1. Pour 1/3 of the required amount of water at 40 - 45°C into the mixing container.
2. Add the powder while stirring continuously – 130 g/L drink
3. Fill with the remaining water (2/3) until it reaches approx. 40°C, the optimal drinking temperature.

Settings for the automatic feeder:
150 g/L water = 130 g/L drink

Weaning can begin as soon as the calf has consumed 1,5kg of concentrate.

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