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The JOSERA Mineraleimer Plus is a high quality lick fortified with vitamins for cattle. The product is mainly used as a palatable lick compound for pasturing cows to cover the demand for minerals and trace elements as well as vitamins.
It is highly resistant to weather and therefore guarantees permanently high freshness and palatability.

Net weight: 25 kg


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Reliable uptake thanks to excellent palatability and optimum consistency
  • Healthier animals, since licking stimulates salivation, buffers rumen contents and counteracts rumen hyperacidity through additional vitamins

The JOSERA Mineraleimer Plus is suitable for use in pasturing with normal to high intensity grassland management and a low to moderate clover and herb content in the meadow/pasture vegetation.
The salt lick can be made available to the animals free choice up to 1% of the daily ration.

  • Dairy cows: 100 - 200 g
  • Young cattle: 60 - 120 g

The product contains copper and may not be fed to sheep.

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