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JOSERA OmniCal is a high-quality mineral feed without phosphorus to supplement partial or total mixed rations for dairy cattle. You can ensure a high performance in lactation through feeding JOSERA OmniCal.

Partial mixed rations are usually set to a performance level of 20 to 25 kg milk, total mixed rations to over 30 kg milk. In both ration types, the basic feed is supplemented with performance feed (cereals, soya meal, rapeseed meal). This results in rations with a lot of phosphorus and an enormous calcium deficit. This can no longer be compensated by a conventional mineral feed (10 g/kg DM).

This is where JOSERA OmniCal comes in, as a high-quality all-in-one product it combines all the necessary mineral feed components into a harmonious overall package.

Packaging size: 25 kg

Your benefits at a glance:

  • simply feeding because only one component is needed
  • improved accuracy of distribution due to the larger mixing quantity
  • affordable, need-based and high-quality mineral feed with secured JOSERA-quality

JOSERA CamiCal is suitable for rations with high amounts of phosphor rich components (intensive used grassland, different kinds of brewer grains, soya-, rapemeal).

Feeding recommendation: 15 g/kg DM

20 kg milk (15kg DM): 225 g
25kg milk (17 kg DM): 225 g
30 kg milk (19 kg DM): 285 g
35 kg milk (21 kg DM): 315 g
40 kg milk (23 kg DM): 345 g

As a high perforamnce feed we recommend a own mixture with 3 % concentrated feed.

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