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JOSERA Powermix is a high quality calf rearing feed supplement with proteins and minerals.

JOSERA Powermix sets itself apart with ease of preparation and especially high palatability.

Thanks to rapid rumen development supported by JOSERA Powermix, calves can consume low-cost solid feed early on. This combined with fast weight gain results in high economic efficiency and lower calf rearing costs.

Packaging size: 25 kg

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Ease preparation
    • Only two components need to be mixed (35% Powermix + 65% grain)
  • Highly economical
    • The animals consume low-cost solid feed early on thanks to rapid rumen development
    • A shorter (cost-intensive) drinking phase is possible
    • The animals achieve high weight gains
  • Calves and feeders with high vitality and a good appetite
    • Readily consumed thanks to high palatability

35% JOSERA Powermix as a protein, mineral and active ingredient supplement is mixed with 65% grain (ground or crushed). Soya grist or mineral feed is no longer required. With ground grain, 1% oil should be added to bind dust. If the farm has chopped hay or corncobs, these can be added to the mix at 5 - 10%.

JOSERA Powermix is fed to calves up to a weight of 150 kg

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