B-Protect – Rumen-protected B vitamins from our own production

In order for dairy cows to remain fit and ready to perform, their metabolism must function stably. A central building block for this are B vitamins, which enable and strengthen important processes in the animals’ energy metabolism. If these vital substances are not available in sufficient quantities, this can increase the cow’s energy deficit, especially at the beginning of lactation. The associated blood sugar deficiency and the degradation of body reserves support the formation of ketoses – this leads to various secondary diseases.

Therefore, JOSERA has been equipping its Keragen and NutriBiotic products with rumen-protected B vitamins for many years. Now JOSERA has developed its own process to produce rumen-protected B vitamins, with the so-called matrix process, which allows better distribution in small pellets.  Other methods, however, may result in losses in rumen protection.

In short: the active ingredients remain protected and are available to the animals to support their metabolic processes.

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