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JOSERA Rimi is a calcium-rich mineral feed for rations with a high proportion of phosphorous-heavy feed components.

With its balanced mineral and active ingredient supply, JOSERA Rimi protects against deficiencies due to feeding and ensures healthy, strong bone development.

Regular feeding with JOSERA Rimi ensures the healthy development of your cattle, fertility and the full performance of your cows during lactation.

Packaging size: 25 kg

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Security thanks to reliable mineral and active ingredient supply
  • Low-cost concept that meets demand
  • Reliable nutrition thanks to the concrete JOSERA recommendation of 10 g/kg DM uptake

For rations with a high proportion of feed components high in phosphorous (intensively used grassland, spent grains, mash, grain, soya, canola meal).

Feeding recommendation: 10 g/kg D

Dairy/breeding cows:
15 kg milk (13 kg D): 130 g
20 kg milk (15 kg D): 150 g
25 kg milk (17 kg D): 170 g

Young cattle:
From 250 kg: 70 g
From 350 kg: 85 g
From 450 kg: 100 g

Fattening cattle:
Pre-fattening: 100 g
Main fattening: 130 g
Final fattening: 120 g

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