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JOSERA Supramil is a particularly suitable choice as a second milk replacer in an innovative two-phase CMR feeding. It is characterised by the use of easily digestible whey protein and selected plant protein. The vegetable components stimulate the development of digestive enzymes in the drinking phase. This facilitates the transition to solid feed and reduces stress when weaning from the milk replacer. We recommend its use from the 4th week of life.

Packaging size: 25 kg

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Beneficial 2nd -phase milk replacer
  • Highly digestible whey protein
  • Selected vegetable protein

150 g/L water = 130 g/L drink

Creating the calf drink in the bucket/milk taxi

1. Pour 1/3 of the required amount of water at 40 -45°C into the mixing container.
2. Add the powder while stirring continuously – 130 g/L drink
3. Fill with the remaining water (2/3) until it reaches approx. 40°C, the optimal drinkink temperature.

Settings for the automatic feeder:
150 g/L water = 130 g/L drink

Weaning can begin as soon as the calf has consumed 1,5kg of concentrate.

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