What is Keragen Longlife®?

Keragen Longlife® is a balanced combination of different, high-quality active ingredients to support udder and hoof health and to promote a stable metabolism.

Some of the valuable ingredients are:

  • Glycine chelates (organically bound trace elements zinc, manganese and copper)
  • Rumen-protected selenium from JOSERA: Se-Protect®
  • High in biotin and vitamin E
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Rumen-protected B vitamins (B-Protect®)
Keragen Longlife® is more than just an active substance and more than just a package of active ingredients.

All elements, as described in Figure 1, are interlinked and influence each other. For example, a persistently high zinc allowance causes a secondary copper deficiency. As a consequence, the keratin threads are insufficiently cross-linked during horn formation, resulting in a brittle horn. The desired success of the zinc allowance is thus not only missing but is reversed. The importance of a balanced supply is taken into account in ration calculations at various points (e.g. Ca/P ratio, K/Na ratio and protein/energy ratio). In the area of active ingredients, however, this knowledge is often still not given enough attention today, meaning the necessary supply balance is missing. This is exactly where Keragen Longlife® comes in with its complete and finely tuned combination of active ingredients. All elements fit together exactly.

JOSERA Correlation of the elements

Figure 1: Correlation of the elements

The targeted use of glycine chelates and rumen-protected active ingredients (Se-Protect®, B-Protect®) can reduce the contents, which in turn relieves the metabolism and prevents negative interactions. Zinc and copper therefore have a positive influence. The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

What are the advantages of using Keragen Longlife® products?

Keragen Longlife® creates the basis for a high lifetime yield, making milk production profitable through…

JOSERA cow, focus on claws

Healthy hooves

  • good mobility, high feed intake and high performance
  • reduced animal losses due to hoof damage
  • less effort for the treatment of sick hooves
JOSERA cow, focus on udder

Healthy udders

  • relaxed milking
  • high performance with the best milk quality
  • low losses through cell counts, mastitis and animal losses
JOSERA cattle, focus on metabolism

Stable metabolism

  • efficient nutrient utilisation, resulting in better performance
  • less animal losses due to metabolic diseases
  • high operating profit due to extended working life

Longevity as a decisive factor for milk production

Before a young cow delivers her first litre of milk, her account is debited with minus 1,200 to 1,600 €. This is the price of rearing a heifer for two years. The aim of economic milk production must be to minimise rearing costs over as many working years as possible. Unfortunately, this is not being achieved sufficiently in many farms today. According to statistics, German Friesian cows leave the stables with an average lifetime of 2.7 lactation cycles. If the animal dies early, the investments and expenses for the valuable breeding animals are wasted, enormously reducing the economic result of milk production at the same time. At a culling age of 2.7 lactation cycles, each litre of milk is loaded with 6 ct/kg by the rearing process. A doubling of the lifetime yield would halve this figure by 3 ct/kg milk. In other words, the yield is 3 ct/kg of milk more. For this reason, and because the milk yield of the cows up to 5th lactation is still steadily increasing; it is enormously important to promote working life and longevity.

1 Data collection operational planning 2010/11 of the KTBL

JOSERA graphic to avoid economic losses and to increase the life efficiency

Figure 2: Avoid economic losses – increase the life efficiency.

How does Keragen Longlife® work?

Sick hooves, high cell counts and a strained metabolism lead to massive damage of the animal in terms of fertility, health and performance. The health of the hooves and udders determines to a large extent the well-being and performance of the cows and therefore the success of dairy farming. Damp or dirty lying and walking surfaces, deficiencies in comfort for the cow, overcrowding, insufficient hoof care, mouldy feed and errors in milking technique or milking work often represent long-term stress factors. In addition, metabolism is under stress due to the constant strain. The liver, as the central metabolic organ, is limited in its performance and therefore the energy conversion is stagnant.

JOSERA cattle in the milking carousel

Since many stress factors are strongly influenced by feeding, animal nutrition is moving into the focus of efficient preventive measures. Often, attempts are made to improve the health of the hooves and udders with individual active ingredients. However, despite high doses of zinc or biotin, the desired success is often not achieved. The formation of healthy horn structures for a resistant horn capsule in the hoof area or for the protective keratin film in the udder represents a complex biological process in which many factors are involved. Not only biotin and zinc, but several other substances: Lipids, proteins, various vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, copper, selenium and others. If one of the key substances mentioned is missing, the formation of a healthy horn is disrupted. It is therefore important for hoof and udder health that all necessary active substances are constantly present in sufficient quantities and thus in a balanced ratio in the blood and are available for the target organs (udder, claws).

Keragen Longlife® acts as a powerful and balanced package.

Digression: an overview of JOSERA solutions

What are glycine chelates?

The trace elements zinc, copper and manganese are bound to 1-3 glycine amino acids. Glycine is the amino acid with the smallest molecule size. This chelate form is significantly more stable and efficient than previous trace element compounds. The rumen-stable and highly available glycine chelates pass unchanged from the intestine into the blood and thus directly reach the target organs: the hooves and udder.

JOSERA graphic shows connection of elements

Advantages of JOSERA glycine chelates

  • 90% absorption by the animal due to the natural binding form
  • direct and fast transport to the target organs such as the udder and hooves
  • improved metabolism, healthier animals and lower medication costs
  • increased milk yield due to an improved mineral supply

What are Se-Protect® and B-Protect®?

Se-Protect® as rumen-protected sodium selenite and B-Protect® as rumen-protected B vitamins are embedded into a protective matrix, which protects selenium and B vitamins from changes in the rumen.

Advantages of Se-Protect®

rumen protection

  • 90% utilisation (instead of 10 – 50% for Na-Selenite)
  • impervious to antagonists
  • slow-release effect (long-term effect)
  • slow and even release of selenium in the intestine
  • continual of flooding selenium in the metabolism

Advantages of B-Protect®

  • high rumen stability and therefore healthier animals
  • higher amounts of B vitamins for absorption in the intestine
  • efficient metabolic processes
  • maximum reliability of supply
  • supports peak performance

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