The farm

  •  70 dairy cows
  •  33ha grassland, 19ha arable land, of which 14ha maize
  •  Ø Herd output 11,300 kg milk
  •  Fat 4,3 %
  •  Protein 3,4 %

The initial situation

Due to the extreme drought, there have been frequent problems with the maize in recent years. The plants produced few cobs and the leaves were brown.

Why use silage inoculants?

The Funke-Heinert farm relies on a simple feed ration with few components. The use of silage inoculants is therefore essential for maize. The farmer comments:  “Without the use of Josilac®, no high-quality maize silage.”


The goal

Consistently high-quality forage and tasty silage.

The success

  •  No losses
  •  Almost no mould formation
  •  Hardly any reheating
  •  The animals eat the silage very gladly

The Statement

“The quality of the basic feed is decisive for the economic success of my farm. It would be risky for us if we did not use silage inoculants, as this could easily lead to high feed losses. That is why we have been using Josilac® for several years now.