The farm

  • 180 fattening stalls
  • 300 bull stalls

The usage

  • 50g DairyPilot per heifer and day
  • 100g DairyPilot per bull and day

The goal

  • Increasing the forage digestion
  • Strengthening of the calves immune system

The achievements

  • Through the targeted ration calculated and the use of DairyPilot the feed conversion could be improved significantly.

The implementation

  • By using the manure sieve the undigested elements could be measured
  • With help of the partical seperater the structural crude fibre could be determined
  • Calculation of the rations for the following sections:
    125 kg / 150 kg / 200 kg / 300 kg / 400 kg / 500 kg und 650 kg

Manure analysis

JOSERA graphic shows undigested elements
JOSERA bag of DairyPilot

The Statement:
„DairyPilot has given me the desired success. The digestion of the forage has been improved significantly. The animals have become much calmer and the calves immune system are characterized by stronger immune system.“

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