The farm

  • 120 dairy cows
  • Herd output approx. 10,200 kg milk
  • Protein: 3.42 %
  • Fat: 4.3 %

The goal

  • Improved feed conversion
  • Stop loss of substance
  • More animal health

The usage

The success

Before using JOSERA DairyPilot, the cows lost substance. In order to maintain their performance, they lost body fat and became lean. DairyPilot has succeeded in stopping this process. The cows’ feed and nutrient utilization now is working well again. Overall, the herd now is in good physical and conditional condition. In addition, the cows’ hoof health in particular has improved.



JOSERA bag of DairyPilot

The statement

“Today I am very satisfied with the condition of my cows. DairyPilot makes an important contribution to this. I would recommend the product to my professional colleague. Currently I use the supplementary feed in combination with the mineral feed NutriEffect. I assume that with this feeding, the animals do not suffer from heat stress as much, even during hot summer temperatures.”


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