The farm

  • 110 dairy cows
  • Average herd yield 9,929 kg milk
    Fat: 4.25 %
    Protein: 3.43 %

The goal

  • Improvement of animal health with regard to existing udder problems
  • Improvement of forage quality

With the use of DairyPilot and the implementation of several other measures to improve the quality of the basic feed, the udder problems on the Kreuzer farm have improved noticeably. This goes hand in hand with improved feed conversion. With DairyPilot, long fibres in the faeces are a thing of the past. Mr. Kreuzer can also see this in his slurry pit: the floating cover in the slurry pit is significantly lower, stirring up the slurry now only takes half an hour (previously two hours).

The use

110 g DairyPilot per cow and day since April 2015

Grafic - lower Azidose rate

“I don’t want to save at the wrong end, have sick animals as a result and pay the vet a lot of money. In high performance, all factors must be exhausted to keep the animals healthy. This plays a big role especially in tight economic times.”
(Family Kreuzer )

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