The farm

  • 2 partner in the company
  • 270 hectares of agricultural land
  • 90 Dairy cows
  • Cows are milked twice a day in the milking parlour (2×6)
  • Milk production
    • Annual output of 830-850 thousand litres of milk
    • 9500kg / cow/ year

The success

Despite a rather abrupt transition phase between the silos, milk production and milk ingredients remained constant in 2019, with JOSERA DairyPilot.

Initial situation

Every year the transition from one silo to the other presents a problem – with the result that milk production, as well as protein and fat contents, collapse over the next few months. In addition, the number of diarrhoea cases is also increasing.
This transition period usually lasts from the end of August to the beginning of September and the milk yield suffers until November. As a rule, dairy cows do not reach full yield until December.

The application

Since August 26. 2019, JOSERA DairyPilot has been added to the farm’s ration at a rate of 100 g per day per cow. This is a feed with live yeasts and an active substance from plant extracts (FlavoVital®).

“We are often forced to break open the new silo the day after the ensiling. The transition is very abrupt. I have already tried to reduce this problem by feeding molasses, but without success. Therefore I finally looked for a feed with live yeast”.

(Guillaume Bernard)

The result of the faeces sifting

The faeces sieving in August, before feeding DairyPilot, had shown that the digestion of the ration was already very good and the result was in line with the general average.

Seven excrement:
An analysis by fecal matter seven using two sieves. A first sample was taken in August 2019, another one at the end of October 2019. After feeding DairyPilot, the total residues were (sieve 1 -> 5mm + sieve 2 -> 2mm) 15 % in August and 12.7 % in October.

👉💡 Did you know this? A result of less than 20 % with 2 sieves with a diameter of 5 or 2 mm can already be considered as very good.

“The results of the manure screening at the end of October, after the additional feeding of DairyPilot, were surprising. The two distributors had not seen such values either. Almost everything is recycled by the cow!”

(Guillaume Bernard)

The effect of DairyPilot can be seen in milk control – the effect in numbers!

The cows are healthy and have a nice coat. The figures prove it: only healthy cows can perform such work. At the last milk inspection, an average production per day and cow of 31.1 kg was recorded.
The effect of the plant extracts (FlavoVital®) can be seen in the value of the somatic cells. Despite the heat phase, the number of cells never exceeds 250,000, which was the case last year.

JOSERA Milk production in kg/cow/day - 2018
JOSERA Milk production in kg/cow/day - 2019

Since the feeding of DairyPilot, the milk quality has improved continuously, which has a positive effect on the milk price. Thanks to the good development of the protein and fat content, the “Gaec des 3 Epis” farm was able to increase its bonus by over 15€/1000l between August and November alone. Today the fat content of milk is 4.3% and the protein content 3.45%.

JOSERA Milk quality - MP evolution
JOSERA Bonus with MG and MP
JOSERA Milk quality - GM evolution

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