The Beginning

Stephanie Bornemann has been feeding her 600 dairy cows 200 g DairySafe per cow/day since mid 2018. She starts with this in the period between 3 weeks before calving, until 2 weeks afterwards.

Goal of feeding JOSERA DairySafe

In order to keep the average milk yield high and exceed the current 11,180 kilogramms, improving animal health on Bornemann´s farm is extremely important. By feeding JOSERA DairySafe to the cows, Stefanie Bornemann aims to reduce ketosis. This automatically results in an increased milk yield.

After only half a year with JOSERA DairySafe, the ketosis frequency of Mrs Bornemann´s dairy cows already has been reduced by 15%.

Succes with DairySafe

  • Inflammation of the uterus and milk fever is decreasing
  • Veterinarian costs could be saved considerably
  • Milk yield increased as planned due to better health
JOSERA graphic shows months of Ketosis

“With JOSERA DairySafe the cows start fitter and with fewer disease into lactation. They calve and then simply give milk. Since we have been using the product, the fresh cow area has been fun again. I would recommend DairySafe to my colleagues.”

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