"For a dairy farm the calves are the basis. That's why it's important to keep them healthy right from the start. We do a lot through nutrition - that's why we feed IgluVital."
The family Gaec de la Grande Saule feed their calves JOSERA IgluVital to give them an optimal start at the beginning of life and therefore have less worries during the rearing period. Read more about it here!
"I do not want to cut corners when it comes to the milk replacer. I can recommend IgluVital to my professional colleagues because it helps my calves develop healthily and quickly.“

Thematic areas


JOSERA customer with consultant in the stable

In our nutrition section, everything revolves around feeding your cattle.

Barn management

JOSERA cattle standing in the stable

With this categorie we give you valuable tips for successfull barn management.

Animal health

JOSERA cattle waiting in the feeding rack

Vital and healthy cows are the key to your success. We support you with our help.

Rearing & Breeding

JOSERA cattle standing and lying in the stable in straw

Fertility and the birth of calves are the linchpin of dairy farming.

Silage management

JOSERA Tractor at harvest

Only with high-quality silages a performance cow can be fed according to their needs.

Success stories

JOSERA Cattle in the milking carousel

With our success stories, we offer you a deep insight into practice with JOSERA products.