The farm

  • 70 dairy cows
  •  + offspring

The insert

  •  From the fourth meal onwards, the calves are given a mixture of colostrum and JOSERA IgluVital
  •  On the 3rd and 4th day of life, IgluVital is given ad libitum.
  •  From the 5th day of life, 5 litres of IgluVital twice a day.
  •  From the 10th/11th week of life, IgluVital at the automatic feeder – 1.8 litres per portion.
  •  Dosage 150gr IgluVital/ L water for the younger animals, the older calves are given 140 gr/L

The goal

  •  Improve animal health
  •  Build a strong immune defence
  •  Stable daily gains
IgluVital Performance bag

The success

With IgluVital, the calves develop a stable immune defence – without any further medical support. Diarrhoeal diseases are rare among the young animals. There are no more total losses in this context. The calves develop well overall and gain weight evenly. Furthermore, IgluVital is also convincing from a working point of view.

The product is easily soluble and can be used in the automatic feeder without any problems.

I do not want to cut corners when it comes to the milk replacer. My experience shows that it is difficult for calves to develop a strong defence against germs if they are not given high-quality milk replacer. I can recommend IgluVital to my professional colleagues because it helps my calves develop healthily and quickly.

(Katharina Funke-Heinert )

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