Application of IgluVital

The calves of Franziska Grulich are fed JOSERA IgluVital for 3 weeks starting with the first meal of milk repacer. She orientates herself according to the application recommendation on the bag. Afterwards the calves are fed a more cost-efficient milk replacer.

Why IgluVital?

The aim is to ensure healthy calves from the beginning on in order to guarantee a good basis for the dairy farm. The calves are the most sensitive in the first 3 weeks of life and therefore must receive a particularly high-quality milk replacer. JOSERA IgluVital contains immunoglobulins which support the immune system and build up a healthy intestinal flora.

The success

  • Healthier appearance (smooth, shiny coat)
  • Decreased treatment costs as well as veterinarian costs
  • Regressive diarrhoea and lung diseases
  • Good weight gain

The statement

If colleagues where to ask me I would recommend IgluVital 100%: “It’s a good product. You can use it!”

Here you can watch the video:

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