The farm

The Gaec Botrel farm is located on the north coast of Brittany and has 145 hectares of land of which 60 hectares are maize and 50 hectares are grass. Cereals are grown on the rest of the land.

Key data:

  • 2 shareholders
  • 180 dairy cows
  • 380 heifers
  • milking parlour herringbone 2×5 – milking is done 2x daily


The grass is harvested with the mower and a loading wagon, while a forage harvester is used for the maize.

Both silages are stored in bunker silos. Prior to removal, the grass silo remains closed for at least 6 weeks and the maize silo for at least 3 weeks.

Why silage inoculants?

In the past Ludovic Botrel worked in Canada and travelled through Germany on business. Here, silage inoculants were often used to improve the preservation of silage and the feed conversion of the ration. In these countries he learned to use silage inoculants.  According to his experience and convinced of the usefulness and advantages of silage inoculants, they are now incorporated directly at harvest on the “Gaec Botrel” farm. Since 2018, they have been using JOSILAC on grass and maize silage – a product they are satisfied with today.

The statement

JOSILAC is easy to use and can be used with any type of pump. We use JOSILAC directly at harvest and follow the given dosage recommendations.

The use of JOSILAC minimizes the losses in the silo and the feeding table. In addition, we hardly have any reheating when the silo gets opened. The silage is stable and its quality is satisfying. In addition, we have found that the silage smells good, so there are no bad odours. Especially in the first half of the year (April-May) the silage does not smell of alcohol and retains a higher palatability.

Over the summer we have monitored a more stable milk production, as well as more constant milk contents.

Using JOSILAC provides security for our ration and we have a good return on investment!

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JOSILAC machines during the maize harvest

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