The farm

  •  210 dairy cows
  •  240 ha in total, of which 80 ha arable, 50 ha maize
  •  2 milking robots plus milking parlour
  •  Ø herd performance 10,500 kg milk

Why use silage inoculants?

The use of silage inoculants is essential for the farm. This was the experience Wegener-Blanke-Agrar GbR made during a self-experiment. In the experiment not all layers of the silo were treated with silage inoculants. It quickly became apparent that the stability in feed and quality was lacking.

The initial situation

Before the use of Josilac®, the company had problems with the stability in the silo. Among other things, the result was fluctuating cell counts in the herd. In addition, the cows often didn’t eat everything on the feeding table.

The goal

A stable and tasty silage that is gladly eaten by the animals.

Josilac extra packet

The success

  •  Consistently high-quality basic feed
  •  Stable quality for several years thanks to the use of Josilac®.
  •  Virtually no mould formation
  •  No reheating
  •  No feed losses
  •  Increased feed intake, as the silage is very palatable

The statement

“Through our self-experimentation, we very quickly discovered that without the use of silage inoculants, it simply does not run smoothly. We therefore rely 100 % on Josilac® so that we can offer our animals a consistently high feed quality throughout the year. The health of our cows is in the forefront – therefore the basic feed must also be suitable.”

(Wegener-Blanke-Agrar GbR)

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JOSILAC machines harvesting maize

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