The Meyer-Jacob GbR

Currently there are 160 dairy cows on the farm of the family Meyer-Jacob. The average herd performance is on 10.400kg with 4,08% fat and 3,42% protein.

JOSERA NutriEffect is fed since Oktober 2018 with 350g per milking cow and per day.


The goal

The focus is on a stable herd status regarding to health and milk yield in situations of stress like heat or overcrowding.

„I want to see a clear effect by using additional feed supplements on my farm. That’s exactly what I got with JOSERA NutriEffect! Since the use of JOSERA NutriEffect we didn’t have any total losses and the proportion of udder healthy cows increased up to more than 90%.“

The succuess

With the use of NutriEffect the health situation of the herd got better. The Mastitisrate and the cell counts decreased. Since then we had no total losses and the cows recovered much faster from the heat period. The costs could be lowered to 71€ / cow / year and thus are below the average of 139€ / cow / year from all the farms in the consulting ring. The veterinarian is almost only on the farm for general stock control. At the same time the gliding herd average increased by almost 500l milk.

JOSERA graphic shows cell counts
JOSERA graphic shows energy corrected milk

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