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JOSERA VitalAcid is a liquid feed supplement for acidification of the calf drink. Due to the combination of acids and lignosulphonates, JOSERA VitalAcid is excellently suited for the production of cold soured milk. Acidification keeps up milk replacers and whole milks quality while maintaining their palatability. Additionally, VitalAcid decreases the risk of diarrhea through reducing the germ load in the drink and facilitates protein digestion.

Package size: 27,5 kg

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Acidification of the calf drink
  • Acids & lignosulfonates
  • for producing cold- sour milk
  • Reduces germ load
  • Promotes digestion
  • No HACCP concept necessary

JOSERA VitalAcid is stirred into the whole milk or milk replacer.

To prevent milk protein flocculation, JOSERA VitalAcid should be diluted with water (at least 4 parts cold water: 1 part VitalAcid). Then pour this mixture into the drink, stirring continuously.


3 ml JOSERA VitalAcid per litre of whole milk
2 ml JOSERA VitalAcid per litre of JOSERA milk replacer

Already acidified milk replacers such as JOSERA Acidomil/Easymil do not require any additional acid.

At the dosage stated, the drinks have a pH value of 5.5.

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