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JOSERA VitalTrunk is a versatile special product for a multitude of applications for bovines both in young and adult age.

Package size: 6 kg, 25 kg

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Electrolyte replenisher
  • Vitamin and trace element supplier
  • Fast energy booster

Electrolyte losses mostly occur during diarrheal disease but also act a part after stressful situations caused by heat, transport or regrouping. The loss of electrolytes leads to blood acidification which causes weakness and poor sucking motivation. During calf diarrhea, depletion of water and electrolytes at worst ends with downer and dying calves.

VitalTrunk helps to compensate for losses of sodium, potassium and chloride. Highly available glucosis works as an energy booster. In addition with vitamins and trace-elements, all at once help the calf to overcome illness or stressful situations.

Electrolyte contents per litre of finished electrolyte solution
1,8 g0,52 g2,4 g

At least two litres of Vitaltrunk should be given between meals
as an electrolyte drink.

Dosage: 40 g JOSERA VitalTrunk per litre of water.

Feeding whole milk to the calves can sometimes be farmers personal preference or operational necessity. Varying levels of micronutrients in cows feed often correspond to those in whole milk. Insufficient vitamin- and trace element supply in calves has negative impact on growth and health.
We recommend balancing the variable vitamin and trace element contents of whole milk with 20 g of JOSERA VitalTrunk per litre.
The supplemention guarantees a consistently high micronutrient supply and therefore an optimal performance in growth and immunity.

Deficiencies of trace elements in whole milk
Whole milkRecommendation

Dosage: 20 g JOSERA VitalTrunk per litre of whole milk.

Calving is the most critical point in lactation cycle accompanied by drastic hormonal and physical changes. In order to support a smooth transition to lactation, dairy cows metabolism needs to recover from calving stress as fast as possible. Energy and fluid losses following the calving process can be optimally refilled while offering an adequate drink directly after calving. Therefore, we recommend to offer 500 g of VitalTrunk in 20 litres of warm water at 30 C°. Fresh water ad libitum should be provided afterwards.

Dosage: 500 g JOSERA VitalTrunk per 20 litre of water.

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