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JOSERA Vitamil is a needs-based milk replacer which combines highly digestible whey powder and selected vegetable ingredients. JOSERA Vitamil contains yeasts and carob flour both providing prebiotic effects for stabilising a healthy intestinal microflora. Especially the carob flour, with it´s sweetish taste, increases acceptance. JOSERA Vitamil brings together cost-effective and physiological rearing by promoting fast rumen development in the second-phase of multi-phase feeding. We recommend its use from the 4th week of life on.

Package size: 25 kg

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Advantegous 2nd phase milk-replacer
  • Highly digestible whey protein
  • Selected plant protein
  • Dietary components (yeast, carob flour)
  • Dark colouring

150 g/L water = 130 g/L drink

Creating the calf drink in the bucket/milk taxi

1. Pour 1/3 of the required amount of water at 40 - 45°C into the mixing container.
2. Add the powder while stirring continuously – 130 g/L drink
3. Fill with the remaining water (2/3) until it reaches approx. 40°C, the optimal drinkink temperature.

Settings for the automatic feeder:
150 g/L water = 130 g/L drink

Weaning can begin as soon as the calf has consumed 1,5kg of concentrate.

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