The importance of a healthy intestine

  1. In the healthy intestine, the nutrients are split inside the cells of the intestinal wall and enter into the bloodstream. Against pathogens the intestinal mucosa functions as a protective barrier.
  2. Feed components, as well as pathogens (bacteria, toxins, fungus etc.) also pass through the four stomachs and enter the intestine.
  3. Stress, bacteria, medication, etc. affect the intestinal integrity. „Leaky-gut-syndrome“ can be the result – pathogens enter the bloodstream.
JOSERA graphic shows leaky-gut-syndrome

What is “leaky-gut-syndrome”?

“Leaky-gut-syndrome” is one of the most common diseases in cows, due to the fact that cows now have to take in increasingly more nutrients in less time. This damages the intestinal mucosa, leading to a porous bowel and, therefore, “leaky-gut-syndrome”. Since the bowel is damaged, undesirable substances such as bacteria or toxins can enter the bloodstream from the intestinal contents and cause infections.

Damaged intestinal integrity leads to:

  • decreased nutrient absorption
  • reduced performance
  • permeability of toxins and bacteria („leaky-gut-syndrome“)

“Leaky-gut-syndrome” is caused by any kind of stress. Heat stress, food shortages, nutrient deficiencies and overcrowding are just a few of the causes and promoters of “leaky-gut-syndrome”. This ultimately causes inflammatory reactions, which in turn results in a low output.

Our solutions with NutriBiotic

JOSERA NutriBiotic is included in three different products: DairyMineral, NutriEffect and DairyComplex. NutriBiotic helps to maintain intestinal integrity and nutrient absorption and ultimately intestinal health and performance. The results are healthy and more stable cows that can make better use of their performance potential.

NutriBiotic is a set of plant-based natural substances with high activity that work in the cow’s body at cellular level.

JOSERA bags of NutriBiotic

The plant ingredients in NutriBiotic help to increase intestinal integrity:

  • these keep the intestine metabolically active
  • these ensure better digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • which contribute to better animal health and performance
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How does NutriBiotic work?

NutriBiotic ensures the neutralisation and reduction of harmful free radicals in the
cells. It also supports the tissue, key organs such as the liver, digestive tract, udder and the entire organism of the cow.

As a result, NutriBiotic leads to:

  • a metabolically active bowel and a high nutrient efficiency
  • better digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • better animal health and higher output

How and when do I use NutriBiotic?

Our three products are mineral feeds for high-performing cows to supplement upgraded and total mixed rations.

Feeding recommendation for DairyMineral: 10g/kg dry matter

  • 15kg milk (13kg dry matter) –> 130 g
  • 25kg milk (17kg dry matter) –> 170 g
  • 35kg milk (21kg dry matter) –> 210 g
  • 45kg milk (25kg dry matter) –> 250 g

Feeding recommendation for NutriEffect: 15g/kg dry matter

  • 20kg milk (15kg dry matter) –> 225 g
  • 25kg milk (17kg dry matter) –> 255 g
  • 30kg milk (19kg dry matter) –> 285 g
  • 35kg milk (21kg dry matter) –> 315 g
  • 40kg milk (23kg dry matter) –> 345 g

Feeding recommendation for DairyComplex: 20g/kg dry matter

  • 30kg milk (19kg dry matter) –> 380 g
  • 35kg milk (21kg dry matter) –> 420 g
  • 40kg milk (23kg dry matter) –> 460 g
  • 45kg milk (25kg dry matter) –> 500 g
  • 50kg milk (27kg dry matter) –> 540 g

What advantages does NutriBiotic have for my herd?

  • higher feed intake and therefore better utilisation
  • better intestinal integrity and nutrient absorption
  • better performance
  • metabolically active gut
  • increased milk production

What advantages do I benefit from as a farmer by using NutriBiotic?

  • improved fertility and thus lower insemination costs for you
  • increased nutrient concentration in the blood of the animals and therefore a greater milk yield for you
  • lower susceptibility to disease in the animal and therefore reduced veterinary costs for you
  • extended service life of the cows and thus more yield per animal for you
  • increased feed efficiency and therefore lower feed costs for you
  • improved hoof health and thus lower treatment costs for you.

Are you interested in our products with NutriBiotics and still looking for a suitable JOSERA dealer? Or do you have further questions? Then simply contact us via the contact form. We will be happy to help you!

Hannes Pump had problems with Mastitis before he used NutriEffect with NutriBiotic. Have a look at what changed!

Thies Thode had problems with Chlostridia in his herd. Have a look how NutriEffect works here!

Which JOSERA product line do the products with NutriBiotic belong?

All three procuts belong to the PERFORMANCE range line from JOSERA. The products in the PERFORMANCE range line are innovative, powerful and serve the achievement of ambitious business goals.
Read more about the various product lines and how they can be used here.

Ignite the second level: use FlavoVital and NutriBiotic

Want to get even more out of your cows? Then ignite the next level!
The active ingredient packages FlavoVital® and NutriBiotic complement each other perfectly, as both contain different active ingredients and different bio-active substances. They also have different mechanisms and places of action in the cow’s body. The two packages together result in a synergy effect.

FlavoVital®, which is included JOSERA DairyPilot , acts in the rumen of
the cow with nutrient digestion and energy saving.
NutriBiotic, which is included in JOSERA DairyMineral, NutriEffect and DairyComplex, acts in the cow’s intestine, helping to improve nutrient absorption and increase bypass protein.

JOSERA bags of DairyPilot and NutriBiotic

Both DairyPilot and the other three products are part of the PERFORMANCE product range. More information and further products can be found here.

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