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Our Care Products

"Calf rearing – made easy”
 Produktvorteil1Milk&Fat Produktvorteil1Milk&Fat
  • 50% skim milk powder
  • High energy content
  • Exclusively milk protein
"Acidified with 40 % skimmed milk powder"
 Produktvorteil1Acidomil Produktvorteil1Acidomil Produktvorteil1Acidomil
  • 40% skimmed milk powder
  • Acidified pH 5.5
  • Exclusively milk protein
JOSERA Betamin Keragen®Longlife with its beta-carotene content is an outstanding mineral feed for very good fertility and ultimate performance.
 Produktvorteil1Betamin Produktvorteil1Betamin
  • Excellent insemination success
  • Improved life effectiveness
  • Reliable and straightforward nutrition
Thanks to its high beta-carotene concentration, JOSERA Betavit is the ideal companion in the calf reproduction phase.
  • Improved fertility
  • Robust animals
  • Reduced calf losses
JOSERA BullenExpert is a modern, environmentally friendly feeding concept without phosphorus.
 Produktvorteil1BullenExpert Produktvorteil1BullenExpert
  • better feed utilisation
  • highest daily gains
  • without phosorus
Our JOSERA BullenProfi mineral feed ensures the highest daily weight gains and best carcass quality in beef fattening.
  • Economic success
  • Best animal health
  • Easy to administer
JOSERA Bovimin is our recommendation for a high-phosphorous mineral feed for organic farms striving for high performance.
 Produktvorteil1Bovimin Produktvorteil1Bovimin
  • Organic production
  • Higher milk revenues
  • Good fertility
JOSERA Calcimin is our mineral feed with extra calcium, high quality raw materials and minerals for organic farms.
 Produktvorteil1Calcimin Produktvorteil1Calcimin
  • Organic production
  • Higher milk revenues
  • Good fertility
“Perfect blend of highly digestible milk products for entire drinking phase”
 Produktvorteil1Brillant Produktvorteil1Brillant
  • 25% skim milk powder
  • Highly digestible whey protein
  • Pre- and probiotics
Fortified with high-quality vitamins, JOSERA Combivit is the ideal supplement in case of high stress and infection pressure.
  • High robustness
  • Strong immune system
  • Stable metabolism
JOSERA Complett Keragen®Longlife is an outstanding mineral feed for ultimate performance during lactation and a supplement for high-phosphorous feed rations.
 Produktvorteil1Complett Produktvorteil1Complett
  • Good fertility
  • Reliable nutrition
  • Lifetime performance
JOSERA Frischhaltekonzentrat is our recommendation for stabilising mixed rations and preventing microbial changes.
  • Healthy feed
  • Healthy animals
  • Easy handling
"Premium milk replacer for high defence strength”
 Produktvorteil1GoldenSpezial Produktvorteil1GoldenSpezial
  • Highly digestible whey protein
  • Beta-carotene
  • Immunoglobulins
JOSERA FeedMix Keragen®Longlife is a high quality mineral feed ideal as a supplement to normal mixed rations with a high proportion of feed components that are high in phosphorous.
 Produktvorteil1FeedMix Produktvorteil1FeedMix
  • Excellent fertility
  • More saleable milk
  • Greater efficiency
"Easing daily work – feeding acidified and stable"
 Produktvorteil1Easymil Produktvorteil1Easymil
  • Cold sour milk drink
  • High stability against segregation
  • pH value of 5.5
"Mineral Pack for the calf"
  • Mineral feed for calves
  • High concentration of Ca and P
  • Live yeast
JOSERA Kraft-Mix is our specialist for your in-house performance feed, providing a good supply of minerals and active ingredients.
 Produktvorteil1Kraft-Mix Produktvorteil1Kraft-Mix
  • Ensures good performance
  • Complete nutrition
  • More added value
Lactimin EXTRA
JOSERA Lactimin EXTRA is a premium mineral feed that is rich in live yeast, for use by organic farms.
 Produktvorteil1Lactimin EXTRA Produktvorteil1Lactimin EXTRA
  • Organic production
  • More milk ingredients
  • More milk
JOSERA LactoPlus Keragen®Longlife supports the ultimate performance of cows during lactation thanks to high quality components.
 Produktvorteil1LactoPlus Produktvorteil1LactoPlus
  • Good fertility
  • More lactations
  • Lifetime performance
JOSERA LactoStart is our ideal companion to effectively protect your dairy cows against ketosis and provide them with optimum nutrition.
  • Problem-free lactation
  • Improved fertility
  • Longer useful life
The ideal supplementary feed for producing calf rations on the farm.
 Produktvorteil1LinoVit Produktvorteil1LinoVit
  • tasty ingredients
  • mineral & vitamin provisions
  • increased feed conversion
JOSERA MiraCal KeragenLonglife® does not contain phosphorus and is recommended for mixed rations with high amounts of phosphor rich components.
 Produktvorteil1MiraCal Produktvorteil1MiraCal
  • excellent fertility
  • higher life efficiency
  • healthy claws
JOSERA Miramin Keragen®Longlife offers adequate quantities of nutrients, making it an excellent mineral feed to supplement rations high in phosphorous.
 Produktvorteil1Miramin Produktvorteil1Miramin
  • Excellent fertility
  • Lifetime performance
  • Higher efficiency
Miramin EXTRA  
JOSERA Miramin EXTRA Keragen®Longlife offers adequate quantities of nutrients, making it an excellent mineral feed to supplement rations high in phosphorous.
 Produktvorteil1Miramin EXTRA Produktvorteil1Miramin EXTRA
  • Excellent fertility
  • Lifetime performance
  • Greater efficiency
JOSERA MiraPhos Keragen®Longlife is the high-quality phosphorus supplier for dairy cows with very high performances.
 Produktvorteil1MiraPhos Produktvorteil1MiraPhos
  • good fertility
  • higher life performance
  • higher work efficiency
Multi-Buffer PLANT
JOSERA Multi-Buffer PLANT is an outstanding feed supplement for stabilising the rumen pH value.
 Produktvorteil1Multi-Buffer PLANT
  • Healthy animals
  • More milk
  • Easy handling
"Self-made cold-sour milk through easy acidification"
  • for producing cold- sour milk
  • Reduces germ load
  • Promotes digestion
"Multifunctional - for calf and cow"
 Produktvorteil1VitalTrunk Produktvorteil1VitalTrunk
  • Electrolyte replenisher
  • Vitamin and trace element supplier
  • Fast energy booster
JOSERA Desan is the ideal organic solution to reduce pathogen pressure and improve barn hygiene.
  • Universal in application
  • User-friendly
  • Reliable effectiveness
JOSERA MycoBond is an innovative speciality feed to bind and deactivate mycotoxins. The use of MycoBond enables:
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced animal losses
  • Better fertility

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