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Our Classic Products

JOSERA Bullenmast is the ideal mineral feed for high daily weight gains and good carcass quality in your bulls.
 Produktvorteil1Bullenmast Produktvorteil1Bullenmast
  • Economic success
  • Best animal health
  • Highly reliable nutrition
JOSERA BumiCal is the all-in-one mineralfeed for beef fattening for high dailiy gains.
 Produktvorteil1BumiCal Produktvorteil1BumiCal Produktvorteil1BumiCal
  • without phosphorus
  • modern feeding concept
  • high daily gains
JOSERA Cami is suitable for use with high-phosphorous rations and achieves a high performance level in lactation.
 Produktvorteil1Cami Produktvorteil1Cami
  • Higher milk revenues
  • Good fertility
  • Reliable nutrition
JOSERA CamiCal is a high performance mineral feed in addition for forage and mixed ration.
 Produktvorteil1CamiCal Produktvorteil1CamiCal Produktvorteil1CamiCal
  • support of the immune system
  • healthy skin and claws
  • more saleable milk
Stable pellets make JOSERA Compact especially well suited for the automatic feeding of balanced rations.
 Produktvorteil1Compact Produktvorteil1Compact
  • Higher milk revenue
  • Excellent feed consumption
  • Easy to administer
JOSERA Frumi Plus with its comprehensive vitamin fortification is the perfect mineral feed for mixed rations with a balanced calcium-phosphorous ratio.
 Produktvorteil1FrumiPlus Produktvorteil1FrumiPlus
  • Higher milk revenues
  • Good fertility
  • Reliable nutrition
JOSERA Hefe-Kräuter-Mineral with highly palatable components is ideal as a supplement for rations that are balanced to high in calcium.
 Produktvorteil1Hefe-Kräuter-Mineral Produktvorteil1Hefe-Kräuter-Mineral
  • Higher milk revenues
  • Animals with high vitality
  • Excellent feed consumption
„Nutritious muesli for the perfect start“
  • Tasty starter muesli
  • heat treated starch
  • Apple pomace & molasses
Kombi Spezial
JOSERA Kombi Spezial is a special basic mineral feed for TMRs with a high phosphorous content for feed components that are rich in calcium.
 Produktvorteil1Kombi Spezial Produktvorteil1Kombi Spezial
  • Higher milk revenues
  • Good fertility
  • Reliable nutrition
JOSERA OmniCal is a high-quality all-in-one mineral feed without phosphorus to supplement partial and total mixed rations.
 Produktvorteil1OmniCal Produktvorteil1OmniCal Produktvorteil1OmniCal
  • without phosphorus
  • more dairy money
  • good fertility
"The right follow-on milk-replacer for all demands”
 Produktvorteil1Optimil Produktvorteil1Optimil
  • Follow-on milk replacer
  • Highly digestible whey protein
  • Selected vegetable protein
JOSERA ProSpezial is the ideal mineral feed for your dairy and breeding cow keeping with balanced and calcium-rich feed components.
 Produktvorteil1ProSpezial Produktvorteil1ProSpezial
  • Reliable supply of minerals
  • Proper nutrition
  • Low cost
A high quality protein source that promotes rapid rumen development and shortens the drinking phase.
  • Easy to prepare
  • Highly economical
  • Robust calves and feeders
JOSERA Rimi is our low-cost mineral feed with solid fortification, suitable for both cattle and cows.
 Produktvorteil1Rimi Produktvorteil1Rimi
  • Reliable mineral supply
  • Low-cost concept
  • Proper nutrition
JOSERA RumiN is a specialty feed with urea and was developed to balance rations with a negative RNB.
  • Reduced feed costs
  • High milk production
  • Easy of use
Salzperle natur
JOSERA Salzperle natur consists of high quality, organic and highly pure rock or natural salt as an optimum supplement.
 Produktvorteil1Salzperle natur Produktvorteil1Salzperle natur
  • Reliable uptake
  • Healthier animals
  • Organic production
"Supramil - for a smoother weaning ”
 Produktvorteil1Supramil Produktvorteil1Supramil
  • Beneficial 2nd -phase milk replacer
  • Highly digestible whey protein
  • Selected vegetable protein
TMR 3 in 1
JOSERA TMR 3 in 1 as a high quality all-in-one mineral feed is the ideal supplement for enriched and total mixed rations.
 Produktvorteil1TMR 3 in 1 Produktvorteil1TMR 3 in 1
  • Higher milk revenues
  • Excellent fertility
  • Less work
"Calf milk with linseed for the final phase of drinking”
 Produktvorteil1FE-Trank Produktvorteil1FE-Trank
  • Dietary components
  • Follow-on milk replacer from 5th week of life on
  • Not suitable for automatic feeders
"Follow-on milk replacer with sweetish taste ”
 Produktvorteil1Vitamil Produktvorteil1Vitamil
  • Advantegous 2nd phase milk-replacer
  • Highly digestible whey protein
  • Dietary components
Leckstein natur
JOSERA Leckstein natur supplies your animals with pure, organic, organic rock or natural salt.
 Produktvorteil1Leckstein natur
  • Reliable uptake
  • Healthier animals
  • Organic production
Leckstein plus
JOSERA Leckstein plus is the optimum, organic source of high quality salt for your animals.
 Produktvorteil1Leckstein plus Produktvorteil1Leckstein plus
  • Reliable uptake
  • Healthier animals
  • Organic production
The JOSERA Mineralblock is our high quality, very palatable salt lick for an optimum supply of minerals.
  • Reliable uptake
  • Healthier animals
  • Permanently fresh product
Mineraleimer Plus
The JOSERA Mineraleimer Plus is a reliable and high quality source of minerals on pasture.
 Produktvorteil1Mineraleimer Plus
  • Reliable uptake
  • Healthier animals
  • Permanently fresh product
The JOSERA Phosphoreimer is the key for the optimum supply of minerals before birth and with a high demand for phosphorous.
  • Reliable uptake
  • Healthier animals
  • Permanently fresh product
The JOSERA Rindereimer provides an ideal supply of minerals and trace elements in the form of a palatable lick compound.
 Produktvorteil1Rindereimer Produktvorteil1Rindereimer
  • Organic production
  • Reliable uptake
  • Healthier animals
The JOSERA Uniblock is a complete, organic source of high quality minerals for all types of animals.
 Produktvorteil1Uniblock Produktvorteil1Uniblock
  • Reliable uptake
  • Healthier animals
  • Organic production
The JOSERA Universaleimer is our versatile and palatable lick bucket to supply minerals to all types of animals.
  • Reliable uptake
  • Healthier animals
  • Permanently fresh product
The JOSERA Universalschale is our palatable organic alternative for supplying minerals to all types of animals.
 Produktvorteil1Universalschale Produktvorteil1Universalschale
  • Organic production
  • Reliable uptake
  • Healthier animals
The JOSERA Vitablock is the optimum salt lick to supply mineral feed during rearing and lactation.
  • Ensures economic success
  • Readily consumed
  • Consistently fresh

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