Our Performance Products

JOSERA DairySafe with the liver safety-package for a more performing liver.
  • higher milk yield
  • higher profit through healthy animals
  • less diseases
JOSERA NutriEffect for an improved intestinal integrity and nutrient uptake.
 Produktvorteil1NutriEffect Produktvorteil1NutriEffect
  • with 15g/kg DM
  • improved animal health
  • better performance
JOSERA DairyComplex for an improved intestinal integrity and nutrient uptake.
 Produktvorteil1DairyComplex Produktvorteil1DairyComplex
  • with 20g/kg DM
  • better animal health
  • better digestion
JOSERA DairyMineral for an improved intestinal integrity and nutrient uptake.
 Produktvorteil1DairyMineral Produktvorteil1DairyMineral
  • with 10g/kg DM
  • high metabolic efficiency
  • higher yielding cows
DairyPilot FlavoVital® - The innovative feed supplement with FlavoVital, B-vitamines, live yeast and notable broad spectrum of effects:
  • high body defense strength
  • stable metabolism
  • efficient rumen function
DairyPilot green
The innovative complementary feedstuff for organic farming with FlavoVital and live yeast and a particularly broad spectrum of activity.
 Produktvorteil1DairyPilot green Produktvorteil1DairyPilot green Produktvorteil1DairyPilot green
  • organic farming
  • high body defense
  • stable metabolism
"The best safeguard right from the start“
 Produktvorteil1IgluVital Produktvorteil1IgluVital
  • Speciality for newborn calves
  • 50% skim milk powder
  • Immunoglobulins
JOSERA Prophos Keragen®Longlife as a high quality specialty mineral feed is perfectly adapted to the needs of dry cows.
 Produktvorteil1Prophos Produktvorteil1Prophos
  • No problems during birth
  • Performance during lactation
  • Calves with high vitality
"Promoting immunity - developing health"
  • Immune booster
  • Immunoglobulins
  • Vitamins and trace elements
"Stops diarrhoea"
  • Quickly available energy
  • Electrolytes
  • Improves fecal consistency

Product lines


JOSERA Care cow

Care –
So that the herd stays in shape


JOSERA Classic cattle

Proven quality –
tried and tested in practice

Josilac Silage Inoculants

JOSILAC silo of maize

Josilac –
Quality pays off

Tips & Tricks

Different factors play a role in successful farming. There are various things to consider, from feeding and husbandry, to fertility and calving. We want to support your farming business with our Tips & Tricks. If you have any questions, our specialist advisers will be happy to help you at any time.

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