Fly control
Flies can be a real plague for livestock. They contaminate their feed and transmit numerous pathogens such as staphylococci, coliform germs, yeasts, viruses and worm eggs. In addition to the increased health risk, flies also cause persistent stress in cattle, which can lead to reduced milk and fattening yields - and, therefore, to economic disadvantages for the farmer.
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Stall hygiene for cattle – count on the right concept!
High germ content in the environment negatively affects the animal’s immune system. The organism is busy producing antibodies and eliminating germs instead of producing milk, growth or reproductive hormones. If the pressure is too high, in addition to output losses, this causes the animals to fall ill.
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Pasture grazing for cattle
Cows or dairy cows in a meadow – it makes for a pretty advertising picture. But to make a good start there are certain things that must be done so as not to put the animals’ welfare at risk. Others may ask if it’s even worth it in the first place.
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Thematic areas


JOSERA customer with consultant in the stable

In our nutrition section, everything revolves around feeding your cattle.

Barn management

JOSERA cattle standing in the stable

With this categorie we give you valuable tips for successfull barn management.

Animal health

JOSERA cattle waiting in the feeding rack

Vital and healthy cows are the key to your success. We support you with our help.

Rearing & Breeding

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Fertility and the birth of calves are the linchpin of dairy farming.

Silage management

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Only with high-quality silages a performance cow can be fed according to their needs.

Success stories

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With our success stories, we offer you a deep insight into practice with JOSERA products.

Contact & Service

Do you need detailed information or advice? The more accurate you specify what interests you, the better we can deal with. You can not order directly via us. We would be glad to inform you about the Josera dealer near you.

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