JOSERA DairyPilot - high milk yield during the heat period
"I would put this product in the category of products that improve the rumen climate. It is important to understand that it is necessary to use buffer products in addition to the ration." Read more about it here!
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JOSERA DairyPilot - for better udder health and reduced veterinary costs
"I recommend this product without hesitation. Especially for the transition period from the old silo to the new one."
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JOSERA DairySafe - the solution for our postpartum problems
"The expectation we had for DairySafe was high based on the information I had read and it was seen as the solution to our problems, but honestly I can say that the product has far exceeded our expectations".
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JOSERA DairySafe - lowering the incidence of metritis after calving
"We concluded that by feeding JOSERA DairySafe we were able to fully achieve our goals, which were to improve the overall health of the herd and at the same time increase the milk yield of the herd".
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JOSERA DairySafe – for more milk and less ketosis
"By adding DairySafe to the close-up diet we have noticed a significant increase in milk production, along with good reproductive health of the fresh cows."
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JOSILAC - silage inoculant for lower butyric acid levels
"Yes, I recommend it, absolutely. It's a product that works. A big advantage is the lower butyric acid level."
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JOSERA IgluVital - the milk replacer for newborn calves
The family Gaec de la Grande Saule feed their calves JOSERA IgluVital to give them an optimal start at the beginning of life and therefore have less worries during the rearing period. Read more about it here!
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JOSERA, Carlos Chauca, Peru
"By using DairySafe we ​​have experienced an enormous improvement in general condition, body condition and feed intake."
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JOSILAC - Satisfying milk quantities with high-quality feed
"I recommend this product without hesitation. Especially for the transition period from the old silo to the new one."
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JOSERA DairyPilot - improve milk quality in the transition phases
"I recommend this product without hesitation. Especially for the transition period from the old silo to the new one."
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JOSERA DairyPilot - against heat stress and for a constant milk yield
Read more about the farm Gaec Viennet from France, which successfully uses JOSERA DairyPilot.
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JOSERA DairySafe - from the perspective of veterinarians
After participating at a JOSERA Seminar, Gürkan Ilhan, the farm manager from Ilhanlar Hayvancilik was convinced by our products. Because of scientific self-interest the farmer and veterinarian decided to test the product DairySafe on his farm.
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JOSILAC - for better milk quality and animal health
" I used to have problems with cell counts and mastitis when we had grass silage in the ration. We also had problems with reheating in the cubes, which are cut out of the silo and temporarily stored in the "kitchen". Since we have been using this silage inoculant, we no longer have these problems."
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JOSILAC - silage inoculants for more safety in feeding
"The use of JOSILAC minimizes the losses in the silo and the feeding table. In addition, we hardly have any reheating when the silo gets opened. The silage is stable and its quality is satisfying".
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JOSERA DairyPilot – to stabilize the ration and atmosphere in the herd
"In the first months using DairyPilot we already noticed a better atmosphere within the herd. With cows that seem happier and have a more beautiful and silky coat."
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JOSERA DairySafe – for better animal health and milk yield
The turkish reference farm pursues the goal of reducing ketoses and metritis. However, animal health and milk yield also play a major role.
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JOSERA NutriEffect – for a stable herd status
„I want to see a clear effect by using additional feed supplements on my farm. That’s exactly what I got with JOSERA NutriEffect!“
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JOSERA DairySafe – against ketosis in cattle
Already after half a year, the ketosis frequency on the Bornemann Farm has been significantly reduced by using DairySafe.
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JOSERA NutriEffect – Against Clostridia and for better milk yield
„After 6 weeks already we could see that the cows have shown significantly better heat!"
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JOSERA IgluVital - against diarrhoea in calves
"For a dairy farm the calves are the basis. That's why it's important to keep them healthy right from the start. We do a lot through nutrition - that's why we feed IgluVital."
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JOSERA NutriEffect – against mastitis and for a higher milk yield
„After three to four weeks we could already see that the ingredients were much more constant. The cows were also much more stable in their body condition even with high milk quantities"
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JOSERA DairyPilot – for constant high herd performance
The main breeding centre at Kamienic Ząbkowicki in Poland has more than 1,000 dairy cows and had with 13,000 kg milk per cow the highest average performance of Poland.
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JOSERA DairyPilot - for better digestion and the immune system of the calves
Dirk Hollewedde uses JOSERA DairyPilot to increase the forage digestion and to strengthen the immune system of his calves. Read more about it here!
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