Advice Hotline 8:00 am - 5:00 pm: +49 (0) 9371 940 107
Advice Hotline 8:00 am - 5:00 pm: +49 (0) 9371 940 107   


With letter and seal

JOSERA stands for lived transparency and highest quality. This is demonstrated by the fact that JOSERA has been declaring its products open for decades, almost as the only company in the industry.

On JOSERA is reliance…

because the keeper can be sure that the raw materials used by JOSERA are of the highest quality. Our products are characterized by HACCP-based and controlled manufacturing.

This ensures a complete traceability of the raw materials from the manufacturer to the consumer at all times.

In our own laboratory, we ensure the quality of our products on an ongoing basis. In addition, we certify both JOSERA and our products at all stages of production by independent, accredited institutes and guarantee the highest quality with letter and seal.



Even in purchasing, the foundation for the high quality of the JOSERA products is established through the critical selection and testing of high quality raw materials. Subject to strict quality standards, which often go far beyond the statutory limits, only documented raw materials from carefully chosen and certified suppliers are used.

In trusting cooperation with our suppliers, we establish these quality criteria and negotiate the delivery terms and conditions. Years of cooperation with our main partners bears witness to the fact that – just like in sales – treating each other fairly benefits all participants.

Research & development

Veterinarians, biologists, chemists, agricultural engineers and agriculturists in our research departments are diligently working on new products and product concepts. Next to our own scientific studies, we also utilise the latest international research results. This means you as the customer can be certain that our products offer maximum safety for you. At JOSERA, the products are based on the needs of the animals and do not contain the maximum but rather the optimum quantities. This ensures the highest metabolic efficiency and performance. We develop new products and feeding concepts under consideration of economic, ecological and social perspectives. With our innovative product concepts, we offer you true economic benefits at the highest level of quality. Universities and veterinarians accompany our practical tests in the operations. In doing so, we provide scientific proof for the benefits of our products and create internationally recognised, leading brands in animal nutrition such as CalfCare®, Keragen®, Se Protect® and more.

With JOSERA, you can be confident that the bag contains exactly what it says on it. Open declaration and the voluntary disclosure of product ingredients are standard with virtually all JOSERA products. External laboratories (e.g. DLG) have been giving JOSERA top grades for decades.

For us, product development also means questioning what is well-known and making the right adjustments: After all, innovative products or additives can only be created in an intelligent development process. Innovations in our product range such as the CalfCare active ingredient package in our milk replacers or the Keragen Longlife products for high-performance dairy cows are outstanding examples of solution-oriented product development.


In our high-technology production facilities, accuracy is the order of the day.

The principle: Ultimate quality bag for bag!
Raw materials are stored in silo compartments. Using scales with the highest precision, they are automatically metered and processed on three production lines.
The dosage deviation is not permitted to exceed 0.1% for minerals and 0.01% for trace elements.
Our independently reviewed security concept (HACCP) ensures reliable feed quality.   
Before the products leave our facility, they are tested in the highly modern JOSERA laboratory because only the best quality is delivered. In addition to quality, JOSERA emphasises product concepts and production that is as environmentally compatible as possible:

  • Reduced environmental impact by using highly available raw materials
  • Sustainable products – positive ecological balance for mineral feed
  • Electricity from renewable energy sources
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable production technology:
    JOSERA has been recognised as an “Ökoprofit” operation

Quality assurance

The in-house laboratory is the heart of our quality management system and represents compliance with our high quality standards.

Food chemists, biologists, laboratory technicians and agricultural engineers work hand in hand in the highly modern JOSERA laboratory. The laboratory equipment (RFA, ICP, AAS, NIR, classic analysis methods) supports reliable laboratory results within a short time. Qualified employees perform routine raw material analyses for undesirable substances (such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, mycotoxins etc.).

They test:

  • All incoming raw materials prior to unloading
  • The finished goods produced, ongoing (also mixed goods tests)
  • Safety margins for substances at risk of decomposition, so that the product still contains the declared content when the expiration date is reached

Next to our own laboratory testing, we also have our products inspected by the DLG. The DLG tests are conducted independently so the agriculturist can be certain that the contents declared on the bag are actually contained in the product. This supports the proper nutrition of healthy animals with high performance.

JOSERA has been a test winner in DLG inspections and DLG-Plus certified for nearly 25 years. The DLG publishes the results under: