The farm

The farm in Turkey has 130 dairy cows that where seperated into two groups to compare. The one group got JOSERA DairySafe and the other didn’t.

  • 10,300 kg milk
    Fat 4.1 %
    Protein 3.2 %

The usage

200 g DairySafe per cow / day from 21 days pre calving to 7 days post calving

The goal

  • Improvement of fresh cow performance through
  • Optimizing animal health
  • Increasing milk yield

The success

After using JOSERA DairySafe we had achieved the following results:

  • No more ketosis
  • retained placenta could be reduced
  • better persistence of the milk yield and thereby an overall higher milk yield
  • Increased appetite

As a veterinarian, Gürkan Ilhan also knows that all these positive effects are related to healthy liver function, which is supported by the (active agent package?) LSP (Liver Protection Package).

JOSERA DairySafe Grafik zeigt die Wirkung in Milchleistung und Tiergesundheit

„As a vet and farmer I know that most health problems in a dairy farm occur during the transition period. I was taking many precautions. After using DairySafe I never had any ketosis problems and had fewer diseases in the herd. The reason for this is a healthy liver, rested, clean, strong and ready to work hard at the summit. What can a veterinarian want more? In my opinion the liver is the cows most important organ. Healthy liver means healthy cow and healthy herd.“

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As the central metabolic organ, the liver is exposed to considerable stress around calving (transit phase). A cow quickly slides into ketosis, bringing far-reaching consequences.

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