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A key factor for biological performance is the health of the digestive tract. Especially in high performance cows with high feed intake, the intestine is forced to absorb more nutrients in a shorter time. Damaged intestinal mucosa is directly related to reduced nutrient absorption, thereby resulting in reduced performance. In addition, the intestine cannot sufficiently fulfill its function as a protective barrier against the penetration of unwanted substances (e.g. toxins and bacteria) and infections can occur. The intestinal integrity is disturbed. This is often referred to as “leaky-gut-syndrome”.

JOSERA NutriBiotic helps to maintain intestinal integrity and nutrient absorption and ultimately intestinal health and performance. The result are healthy and more stable cows that can make better use of their performance

As a result, NutriBiotic leads to:

  • enhanced intestinal metabolic activity and greater feed efficiency
  • better digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • better animal health and performance

The active agent package NutriBiotic is included in the following products:
  • JOSERA DairyMineral: with 10g/kg DM
  • JOSERA NutriEffect: with 15g/kg DM
  • JOSERA DairyComplex: with 20g/kg DM

Packaging size: 25 kg

Your benefits at a glance:

  • improved intestinal integrity
  • increased nutrient uptake
  • high metabolic efficiency
  • higher yielding cows
  • better performance

Feeding recommendation: 10 g/kg DM:

15 kg milk (13 kg DM): 130 g
25 kg milk (17 kg DM): 170 g
35 kg milk (21 kg DM): 210 g
45 kg milk (25 kg DM): 250 g

This complementary feed has a higher content of vitamin A, vitamin D3 and trace elements than complete feed. Therefore it must be given to dairy cows only in a quantity of 100-200g, to young cattle 50-120g and to calves (with functioning rumen) 20-50g per animal and day.

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