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DairyPlus is a unique mineral feed combining live yeast and the innovative active ingredient packages FlavoVital® and NutriBiotic. FlavoVital® stabilizes the metabolism and strength the immune system supporting the animals during inflammatory processes and oxidative stress. NutriBiotic maintain intestinal integrity and improves nutrient absorption, contributing to herd
health and productivity. DairyPlus is the All in one concept with DairyPilot, Nutribiotic and Urea.

Product features:

  • Keragen Longlife®
  • sodium bicarbonate
  • algal lime
  • Urea
  • FlavoVital® (innovative solution with polyphenols to support oxidative stress)
  • Nutribiotic
  • High amount of live yeast (200 x 109 CFU/kg)

DairyPlus combines Nutribiotic, Keragen Longlife® with the active ingredient packages from DairyPilot. The combination of FlavoVital®, high content of live yeast, sodium bicarbonate,
algae lime and magnesium oxide ensure a healthy rumen, increase metabolic efficiency and, strength the defenses against inflammatory processes and oxidative stress.

Packaging size: 25 kg


  • All in one solution for a smarter and easier use of mineral, supplementary and special feed at the farm
  • the most innovative active ingredients in one product
  • more accurate application

Application recommendation:

  • For mixed rations with higher content of phosphorus-rich feed components (intensive grazing, brewer´s spent grain, cereals, soybean meal, rapeseed meal)
  • for rations containing concentrated feed
  • to improve feed conversion
  • to ensure high performance
  • in case of digestive and metabolic disorders
  • in stressful situations (such as heat stress, transition period, etc.)
  • For rations with negative RNB

Feeding recommendation: 40 g/kg DM
  • 30 kg milk (19 kg DM): 760 g
  • 35 kg milk (21 kg DM): 840 g
  • 40 kg milk (23 kg DM): 920 g
  • 45 kg milk (25 kg DM): 1000 g

FlavoVital® - these are selected fruits and herbs  processed in an unique active agent package to:

  • strengthen the body defense against inflammatory processes and oxidative stress
  • stabilize the metabolism
  • increase the metabolic efficiency

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