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JOSERA GastroVit is a new whole milk enhancer for calves to acidify and enhance the whole milk.

Calves are born into a germ-loaded environment. Good colostrum management and hygiene measures are often not enough to protect them from diarrhea. Pathogens such as cryptosporidia, rota viruses and coronaviruses damage the intestinal mucosa of young animals. Until the intestinal wall heals, the calves suffer from diarrhea. The consequences can be performance and growth depression or even death of the animal. For you as a farmer, calf diarrhea is always associated with time and costs. Therefore, the goal must be to support the intestinal health and the immune system of the calves in the best possible way.

JOSERA GastroVit helps with this. A combination of selected raw materials strengthens the calf against external influences and pathogens:

  • Acids inhibit bacterial growth and promote protein digestibility.
  • Vitamins and trace elements compensate for the deficit of whole milk
  • Probiotics increase the number of "good" bacteria and stabilize the intestinal environment
  • Prebiotics serve as nutrients for the "good" bacteria
  • Garlic has a health-promoting effect and suppresses cryptosporidia in the intestine
  • Immunoglobulins bind specific pathogens in the intestine
  • ß-carotene strengthens the immune system


  • Premium whole milk enhancer
  • Acids (pH value from 5.7-5.9)
  • Vitamins and trace elements
  • Prebiotics (inulin, FOS, yeast cell walls)
  • Probiotics (lactic acid bacteria)
  • Garlic
  • Immunoglobulins
  • ß-carotene
  • Suitable for warm, cold and stock feeds
Package size: 7 kg bucket, 25 kg bag

Feeding recommendation
Dose: 15 g/l whole milk

As the temperature rises, the risk of the milk flocculating increases. If the mixing temperature is above 35 ° C, it is advisable to dissolve the powder in water beforehand.

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