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The JOSERA Phosphoreimer is a complete, high quality mineral feed in the form of a lick compound in a sturdy bucket. It was developed for dry cows and for pasturing on extensive and low-phosphorous sites. It promotes the mobilisation and utilisation of calcium, thereby preventing a possible calcium supply bottleneck in your cows at the beginning of lactation. Therefore it avoids the risk of milk fever, downer cow syndrome, afterbirth retention and poor feed consumption.
It is highly resistant to weather and therefore guarantees permanently high freshness and palatability.

Net weight: 20 kg


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Reliable uptake thanks to excellent palatability and optimum consistency
  • Healthier animals, since the high phosphorous content prevents problems related to milk fever

The JOSERA Phosphoreimer is suitable for:

  • Pasturing on extensive and low-phosphorous sites; also with calcium-rich and low-phosphorous feed (clover, clover/grass, alfalfa, canola).
  • Birthing preparation of dry cows (3 weeks to 1-2 days before birth)

The bucket can be made available to the animals free choice up to 1% of the daily ration.

  • Dairy cows: 100 - 200 g
  • Young cattle: 60 - 120 g

The product contains copper and may not be fed to sheep.

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