Before using JOSERA NutriEffect

Before Thies Thode started feeding his 150 dairy cows with 300 gram JOSERA NutriEffect per cow/day in November 2018, his herd suffered from considerable health problems.

On the one hand, the farm had problems with Clostridia, so the animals had to be vaccinated. But, the number of sick animals remained high. Another problem was the low fertility and the resulting unclear heat. In addition, there were cell counts of over 200,000, which led to losses in milk production, high veterinary costs and increased departures.

Success with JOSERA NutriEffect

The health status of the herd has noticeably improved through the use of JOSERA NutriEffect. The cows show less signs of Clostridia infections, Inflammations of udder is less common and cell counts have been decreasingly continous since the product was launched. The farm has no longer any problems with total health-related losses. The fertility of the cows has also improved. The heat of the animals is more clearly recognizable, the pregnancy rate constantly rises. The milk yield of he herd has also improved as a result.

JOSERA graphic shows pregnancy rate form first Insemination

“The positiv effect of JOSERA NutriEffect could be seen guite quickly. Already after six weeks the cows showed clearly better heat and looked fitter from the coat alone. We achieved our goal of improving the well-being of the herd very well with this product. I recommend it to anyone who values animal health.”

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