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JOSERA Prophos - Keragen®Longlife is a specialty mineral feed to prepare for birth, which is fed in the last three weeks before birthing. As a dietary feed for dry cows, JOSERA Prophos - Keragen®Longlife effectively helps reduce the risk of milk fever and downer cow syndrome.

An especially tight Ca:P ratio, innovative Keragen fortification and high levels of magnesium and vitamin D3 promote mobilisation and calcium utilisation, therefore preventing a supply bottleneck at the start of lactation. High quality nutrition for the pregnant cow also has a positive impact on the vitality of the newborn calves.

Packaging size: 25 kg

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Fewer problems with downer cow syndrome, afterbirth retention and abomasal displacement due to a stable calcium and mineral balance
  • High performance due to optimum preparation of the metabolism for the new lactation
  • Calves with high vitality thanks to active ingredient reserves with the newborn calf and high quality colostrum

JOSERA Prophos - Keragen®Longlife is suitable for use in birth preparation (3 weeks before calving until 1-2 days before calving).

Feeding recommendation: 10 g/kg DM

10 kg DM: 100 g
12 kg DM: 120 g
14 kg DM: 140 g

In the early dry period (from dry off up to 3 weeks before calving) the calcium deposits of the cow must be replenished. As mineral feed a calcium-rich variety is suited (ration of young cattle in the second year of life or a special ration with mineral feed for lactating cows).
In the birth preparation period (3 weeks before birth until 2 days before birth) the calcium utilization has to be improved by a reduced supply. In this context, JOSERA Prophos - Keragen®Longlife creates a resilient calcium balance.

Keragen®Longlife is the innovative JOSERA active ingredient formula for the long, healthy and profitable life of cows with:

  • Healthy claws
  • Healthy udder
  • A stable metabolism

Keragen®Longlife offers the following for your dairy cows:

  • Highly available organic trace elements (glycine chelates)
  • Rumen-stable selenium
  • Rumen-stable B vitamins (B-Protect)
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Biotin

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