The farm

The dairy farm Gaec Babe is located in the county  Courtavon in France. With his 120 Montbéliarde cows he produces round about 1 million 350 thousand litres non-GMO milk which is mainly sold to the dairy. Partially it is destined for the cheese production.

Additionally the farm contains 200 hectares with 50 hectares maize, 24 hectares meadow, 80 hectares permanent meadow and wheat and rapeseed which is managed by the 3 partners.

The goal

Due to the installation of a milking robot in 2013 the average milk production increased from 8,000 up to 10,000 litres per cow and per year. Therefore it was necessary to stabilize the feed ration as well as the intestinal flora of the cow.

The usage

Since October 2016 they have been feeding 100 g  JOSERA DairyPilot per cow per day, which is add directly into the mixing wagon.

In case of high temperatures the amount is increased from 100 up to 150 g per cow to prevent heat stress.

The statement

“Already in the first month after feeding DairyPilot we noticed a better atmosphere within the herd. With cows that seem happier and have a more beautiful and silky coat. We observed that the milk ingredients increased by 1 percentage point. Nowadays we reached a protein content of 3,6% and a fat content of 4,4%. Our cows walk more easily to the feeding table and therefore they pass through the milking system more often.

I recommend DairyPilot to those who would like to stabilize their feeding ration and improve the atmosphere within the herd.”


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Contact & Service

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