The farm

  • 2 locations
  • 95 animals of different breeds
  • milk production 1 million litres/year

The usage

The goal

Before we fed JOSERA DairyPilot, the quotients of fat and protein content of the milk often reversed during the heat wave, the cows panted much more and the milk production fell by 3-4 kg milk per cow per day.

The success

  • Between 2003 and 2020, milk production increased from 280 thousand to 1 million and 100 litres per year.
  • The high-performance cows are milked twice a day in a 2×8 milking parlour and give up to 55 kg of milk per day.
  • At the beginning of winter 2019, the protein content of the milk was 3.45 % and the fat content 4.4 %. At the end of the winter the fat content was only 4.2 %.
  • hoof problems have decreased and reproduction has improved.
JOSERA Matthieu Viennet

“I noticed that the fur has become more beautiful, more shiny. The cows in the barn are calmer and seem less stressed. Especially in the heat. Milk production has remained constant since then, even in summer, and the amount of milk has actually increased.

This is a good product, which I recommend with pleasure to other careful farmers who have high performance cows in the barn. Especially in summer. It reduces the risk of acidosis and improves the well-being of the animals. It is not the genetics, it is the careful and conscientious feeding of the animals that makes it possible to maintain a high milk production. Thanks to DairyPilot, I am reaching such high milk production today!”

(Matthieu Viennet)

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