The farm

  • 165 dairy cows
  • Swing-Over milking system with 16 modules
  • Milk yield: 23 litres per day and cow
    Fat 3.9 – 4.0 %
    Protein 3.3 %

The challenge

  • Problems with retained placenta and temperatures above 39.7 degrees after calving.
  • Many animals were eliminated and those that remained in the herd were left with health problems.
  • Problems with liver abscesses.

The goal

  • Solve problems in the transit period.
  • The cow should return to heat faster (improved fertility).

The result

  • Postpartum problems (ketosis, retained placenta and metritis) have been significantly reduced (90%). The costs for treatments and veterinary expenses have been significantly reduced.
  • Lower rate of animal elimination.
  • The cows do not feel the change between stabling in the dry period and grazing in the first lactation period.

“We had to act because the postpartum issues were getting out of hand. The expectation we had for JOSERA DairySafe was high because of the information I had read about and it was seen as the solution to our problems, but honestly what I can say is that the product far exceeded our expectations. With the use of DairySafe we have seen a tremendous change in the general condition of the animals, their mood, their organism and their feed intace. Before we fed JOSERA DairySafe, we had difficulties with the milk yield for a while. No cow came over the 40 liters of milk / day. But since we have been feeding DairySafe, we have been able to increase our milk yield, and our cows now also come over the 40 liters of milk / day. However now the big difference is that those cows do not lose body condition as before, they get pregnant faster and eat better. The Peña-López family is grateful and congratulates JOSERA for such an excellent product, which is a solution and now an indispensable product for our milk production.  We have full confidence in JOSERA and all its products.”

(Francisco Peña)

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